Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in all water sources, including the oceans. Research has shown that fluoride not only reduces cavities in children and adults, but it also helps repair the early stages of tooth decay, even before the decay is visible. Fluoride is the best cavity fighter to help keep the whole family’s teeth strong. Experts say the best way to prevent tooth decay is to use several sources of fluoride. Dental office fluoride treatments commonly are given to children as their teeth are developing. A child who has a history of cavities or is at high risk of decay should use additional fluoride. Many children get fluoride treatments every six months. The treatments provide extra protection against cavities, even if children already drink fluoridated water. Fluoride treatment is also recommended for adults every 6 months who are at low risk of developing dental caries. Higher risk patients may require in-office fluoride treatment every 3 months. This will be determined at your check-up or recall appointment at Sanctuary Lakes Family Dental.